Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friendship between Smkns and Smkpnz

Assalamualaikum :D

today i am going share about joy with friends at miss christina and miss rachael house.. seriously i'm was very happy and excited because i'm was invited by miss cristina to come to their house.. wah amazing day! do you know why? because miss nina& rachael have baking a special cake for my friend and i, "the chocolates bananas cakes" and they have teach us how to make a dessert , but i don't know what to call it, just like a drink, same like coca cola ? maybe! and put some of  ice cream.. then we talking talking fun! haha .. miss nina and rachael is very kindly to us.. the first time i seen they, i'm was very nervous! oh tidak!! ^^ at school miss nina always help me "how to speaking good" seriously before miss nina come to my school.. i'm not usually speaking in english in here, just sometime when i'm going to kl i will speaking in english with my dad also my kl friends hehe, then photo shoot time!$

 again? what is going on mizi??

 chef rachael chesly :D

 sweet memory forever, i love miss nina & miss rachael..

 awesome picture! miss rachael playing while squatting.. HAHA

 miss nina play a football..

"thank you for spending little time read this post"


zaza iman said...

best je tgk =)

Carl Lesmana said...

haha.. memang pun, hari2 speaking lo..hahaha