Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scince camp!!

and hello to my dear readers.. 

thank a lot for visit my simple blog, today i'm gonna to share about my science camp! 
 four school has involved on this camp, smka nurul ittifaq, my school- smk nasiruddin shah, smk kuala besut also smk wataniah, i don't know wataniah is smka or just only smk, seriously this programme is very meaningful to my friend and i, and today i have seen many type of student, wah so happily, this programme teach me how to success in science exam, the invited teachers is cikgu hamzah othman, the best of science teacher, he's has won outstanding teacher award, and he also conducts charitable program, which does not charge on orphans.. ah very meaningful but today I'm very tired, 

 talk with teachers

 talks about scince cd!

 i'm look terible coz i'm not ready yet to this photo :(

 scince cd from sir hamzah

 many type of student, laugh? smile? sad? shy and ....

 my friend : study hard!

 my smka nurul ittifaq friends (maybe) i'm not sure there are from ska nurul ittifaq or wataniah..

 my friend and i have a some time snap picture with sir hamzah

please pray for me for my spm :) thank you


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