Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Video really Touchinng

Assalamualaikum wbt

It was really bored when i had to stay in the hospital for a two days, i don't know what was happen to me, but i have ask my mom to get out from this hospital. .i've get fever also i had to vomiting all of my food, i don't know how the illness caused . . it was really hurt . . i cannot eat the " lemak food " because it will make me vomiting, but today i have try to eat " masakan air " like tomyam, but again i had to vomiting again, astagfirullah it was really hard to me, i just can watching my friend get the " air blend " after schoolback at the stall, oh i'm really miss that moment, but the doctor not allowed me to eat the unbenefit food, because it can makes my body became weak. .

my prayer : dear Allah please heal me as soon as possible, i cannot stand this position anymore, and i have to became a strong to cope my exam "spm " that is around the corner, but when i youtubing i have found two video that makes me really touching, first the Irma Hasmi wedding video, and second the islamic video that success makes me drop my tears. . 


i hopes that i will getting recover as soon as posible :)
thanks for spending little time read my nonsense story :(

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CikNana said...

sy pun rasa touching jgk sbnrnya..