Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Email from American Teacher

Assalamualaikum and a very good night to all readers.

Tonight i am going to write a story about my email to my American teacher got replied. maybe some people will wondered who and how ? her name is Christina Reene Chavez. last week i had sent an email to her, just a simple email , ask about her condition and how was her life in America and what she's doing after back from Malaysian. so excited plus happy when today at noon i have checked my email and my face like " surprised or shocked " because the email is from my teacher miss Christina. I'd never thought my email will get replied by miss Christina. and it was really happen. so excited ! seriously I'm really missing the time i had spend with her in Malaysian on her teaching in my school. from the student who doesn't know How to speak English fluently and i can expand my English skills with her.

Before she's come to Malaysian i just only speaks English with my parent also with my sibling, because since my childhood my mom always teach her child try to speak English either English is the hard subject , a long time ago i am really hated the English subject, because i can't speak English very well. since my travel to others country, and once time ago i had lost from my family when we are travel to one place but I can't mention that place because make me remember the story =) and when I'd ask the people who was i meet, in Malay language they just speak in English language, so can you imagine the kid who doesn't know " menatang apakah mat salleh ini cakap " just cry and since that, I'd try and forced my self to try speaks English. and i forced my self to try write a story or an article in English either it was hard, i don't care if my English false or broken because now i can ask my forever mentor as i said before my foster mom "madam Normah" . also my mom foster child "Kak atau at school i call her Teacher Nik Zati"  is teach in English too, so if i had something or word or what else i don't know i just ask her. because the English Language skills are needed to people nowadays because it is the International Languages! serious =) ahaks  this post is out from the topic ! =) at the first want share about an email just only want post a captured photo, but unexpected story la pulak. i talk from my experience okay =)

the email from miss christina, dia hantar semalam lagi, i baca tengah hari tadi, macam terkejut beruk kot sebab tak jangka email saya akan dibalas =)

p/s: to mama normah your son is trying to write a story in english walaupun english berterabur =) 

Thanks for reading , =)


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Haha...why didn't u tell us the place u lost? Xpe la, it must be hard for u right? Let's juz talk bout happy moments k!

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@Ninie Ahahaha segan sebab memalukan for me.. tapi rasanya takdelah malu sangat . cuma on that time heran.. kepinga-pingaan sebab tak faham apa mat salleh habak. , =)

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@luqman zakaria hihihi double wah ! =)

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it doesn't matter if your english is berterabur since you'll never know until you try..keep on writing..you've improved a lot.

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okay la tu
ada initiative to write in English