Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maulidur rasul celebration

new blogger post about celebration of maulidur rasul at my school..

have long been not update the blog, today I want to share some stories about the celebration maulidurasul at my school .. for this event, today I have declaim a poem entitled "muhammad pemimpin agung" i'm very excited also nervous when i'm on the stage.. but i'm very happy coz although in the rush I have succeeded helped my friends to using music with a good, haha very panicked! but happy, 

The good news is the scout team has won the drawing of banner..i'm very glad with my friends najwa, fatin, and arifah whose busy drawing the banner.. haha that's all, :) nantikan cerita dari saya lagi pada post yang akan datang, hopefully korang happy yap! :)

(the winner) :) scout team!

 hashimah bersemangat mengecat wow..

 muka nervous masa nak perform poem, but always smile :)

 my little sister, walaupun tak nampak sangat tapi nampak lah jugak hahaha

 cenderahati dari cikgu :)

thank you for spend time baca entry si mizi berceloteh ^^