Monday, May 21, 2012

Conversation From England


Hello people,
today i am going to share about my friend from england, her name Annabel Smith, she is very kind person also friendly , i get to know her, when i'm being the one of her fan, she make a video about random of her life, about her friend.. i like all of her video! and i'll continue to know her in social networking facebook.. and we became a friend..

i'm writing this post tonight beacause i want to describe a little about Annabel, i'm not sure but her name is Annabel Smith, like my english teacher said maybe smith is her family name, maybe? not sure ok.. she is 16 years old and studying in English Martyrs School..

she's also said to me that she want to come to malaysia and visit me at teengganu. for a sure i'm was very nervous.. hehehe.. excited!

part of me chat with annabel

Now let's watching of her video!

 thank you.. that all from me.. if you like? please click like.. okay!