Saturday, May 26, 2012

England Friend -Annabel Smith-

The First " Assalamualaikum " like usual..

hello to my readers.. tonight i am going share about my friend from england, friends! you maybe will ask yourself how i can get to know her..

her name is annabel smith, she is 16 years old .. hehe i think she and me had same age, i just remember, i was born on 09 november 1995, im forgot now just only may hehe.. so i am 16 years old too, now i will describe how i can get to know annabel,i get to know annabel after, im watching my idole blog sis maria elena, her video entitled " i just came to say hello " on youtube, i like that song very much! then im open the youtube broadcast and search song like i said, and i have seen one awesome video, it was make by annabel smith.. and since that, im work hard ( hehe) trying finding annabel on facebook, and on facebook we became a friend..

she is very kind person! seriously i like her way! awesome, she is very friendly person! and if you want to know she's already said to me, that she want to come to malaysia on summer, and will be on terengganu.. :) mostly im was very happy being annabel friend! serious!

annabel and emily (both of them will be on malaysia soon)


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The teacher's birthday celebration-video-


im going share a video about teachers birthday celebration :)

let's watching!! surely awesome!

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