Thursday, September 13, 2012

Entry Bergambar | Origami


Peace yow ^_^ 

Dah baca kan tajuk nyer ? origami . . Mesti terbeliak bijik mata korang lepas tengok gambar kat bawah ni, semua ni hasil tangan kakak angkat carl yang spend masa senggang dia buat origami, then jual, ramai jugak lah yang take order, carl mula-mula suspens jugak, apa kebenda ? rupanya orang-orang yang kreatif akan gunakan origami tersebut untuk buat hiasan. . Macam letak kat bilik anak ker ? letak di meja study ker, by the way ,semua hasil kreativiti kakak angkat carl ni , sangatlah comel kan ? kan ? yang kat bawah ni, separuh jer, sebab tak sempat nak amek full gambar hehe :) jangan lupa komen okey! 

sorry kalau blurr sikit, sebab amek gambar pakai hp murah jer, ^_^

yang bawah ni baru terang sikit, kualiti kamera terang sikit , saya punya sebab saya fanatik green colour .. hihihi

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How to Be Positive

Assalamualaikum w.b.t all, how are you? i'm so sorry have a long time not update this blog,  and a very good morning to all readers, whats time now? 2.00 a.m :) omg, hehe okay continue read :)

People often wonder how to be positive in their thoughts and actions, especially when they are unhappy and unsatisfied, or when life is difficult and tough. They even find it hard to be positive when things go well. Most of them don't know how to be positive and what they need to do. Like every other subject, the know-how of how to be positive can be learned and the skill developed. It is all a matter of attitude and thinking, both of which can be changed.

If we keeping thinking the same thoughts, they will eventually tend to manifest in our world. This means that if we desire good results we have to be careful of what we think. We have to stay and think positive.
Begin by becoming aware of your thoughts, and exchanging your negative thoughts with positive ones. Substitute negativity for being positive, thoughts about poverty with thoughts about wealth, ignorance with understanding, disharmony with harmony and lack of freedom with freedom. Start saying, "I can", "I am able" and "it is possible".

It is our mind that creates the kind of life we live. If we think positively we will transform our life accordingly. Everything starts from within, from the most simple action to the greatest achievement. We cannot always have control over our external circumstances, but we can control our inner world of thoughts, where everything starts. We can't always control our outer universe, but we can, with some effort, control our inner universe.
You are unhappy and negative because of how you think, but you can change the way you think. With a little work and effort you can change how you think, and this will you automatically change your attitude, expectations, actions and reactions, which will lead to more motivation, happiness and improved life.
How to be positive:

  • Focus on what you want, not on what you do not want.
  • Focus your mind on the good things you already have in your life. If you focus on them, these good things will increase in your life.
  • Do not fill your mind with thoughts of lack. Think and believe that you already have abundance, success, love and happiness.
  • Learn to feel, think and even act, as if you are already living the life you visualize. If you can feel, think and act consistently in this way, you will become happier, and will attract new opportunities into your life.
  • Think about what you want, create a picture of it in your mind, and make it very clear and precise. Hold it there and focus on it in a positive way, until it becomes a reality in your life.
  • Always tell yourself, "I can", "I am able", "I can do it", "I am a positive person".
  • Often, during the day, repeat positive affirmations about what you want. Do so with faith, feelings, intention and focus.
  • Look for the good in every situation. There is always something good, or at least something useful to learn, even in difficult or unpleasant situations.
  • Follow your positive thoughts with positive actions.
  • Always focus your mind on the full half of the cup, not on the empty half.
  • Do your best to reject negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.
  • Be aware of your company. Choose to be around positive people.
  • Read about other people's success. Read things that inspire you and make you feel good.
  • Focus your mind on how to be positive and you will discover more ways to be so.
We get what we expect to get, therefore, begin right now to expect the very best of everything that this world has to offer - and wish the same for everyone else. There is plenty of everything in the Universe for everyone, and the Universe can create more of the good things for everyone. Don't think lack, think abundance, for you and for everyone.

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