Saturday, October 27, 2012

Unexpect Thing Again : Miss Christina Come to My House

Assalamualaikum for begin the story. .

I don't know either my grammar is true or not, but i will try writing in english because i want miss christina read this, today is really awesome day for me because today i had so much experience when i've follow my foster family programme , it was about the charity work, when my ummi as the important people for that orphan house. . And this programme is inaugurated by dato wan, and the bla bla bla, (sorry i will story about this on my next post), okay. .

But, when i'm on my way back to my home, i got a text message from teacher zaidah,
teacher : mizi, ada kat rumah tak ?
me : i'll replied, ya saya ada kat rumah.
teacher : silence without any answer.

and i've give a call to teacher, and she talk that miss christina want come to my house, and on that time i'm was shocked because i didn't think that miss christina still in malaysia, and i'm was so happy either at the same time i'm really tired because have a long journey from kb(orphan house). . and i'm going crying when miss say good bye to me, and she said a spirit word to me, and before she left from my house, she have gave to me a present that i never will forgot it,  it is a helmet that she always use when she ride her motorbike, it was a white colour, because she's know me always going to school via my motorbike, she gave it to me :)  i hopes getting know miss christina is the best memory in my life and i'll never will forget the time we had so much fun, on the track , when we are practising before the singing and we have sing a one direction song on the teachers day, or you can direct read the link above,

hopefully you all will enjoy reading all of thoose post. .

 miss christina and i, did you see the helmet ? that is the gift by miss to me :) i will take care it forever :)

thats me , nina and wahida(my younger sis), (abaikan background dapur)

the word inside the helmet, miss nina write to me :( omg i'm really getting cry reading this, i will miss all of this moment. .

thanks for reading all of this post, keep updating me via my writing :)