Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday | Alhamdulillah

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Hello my awesome readers . Have a long time i'm not spending my time with my blog , i just get recover from my pain , Alhamdulillah . You know the pain is , it bloated on my armpit , it was so hurt like someone  trying killing me , a few times going meet a doctor , and the doctor said i need to have a surgery to throw that bloated , oh my god . But i don't want . So the doctor can't do anything and just giving me some medicine , to hold up that pain. I actually had long harbored that disease from my family , since last year i faced it by myself. And just this year i dare to talk to my mom about this .

Two days ago i'm going accompany my mom  for my cousin wedding , and after back from her house i'm fainted next the door , and my body was unstable temperature , sometimes hot and sometimes cold, and after feels okay , i'm wake up and going to pharmacy to get some medicine , and the sis who a workers for that pharmacy suggest me to having a surgery , and she give me a 100% or the best among the best medicine to me, but it doesn't work automatic right ? so after going back from the pharmacy i had to vomit all of the food that i eat , like someone had food poisoning . Subhanallah .

And after that my uncle from Kota Bharu come to my house , and he talked that something wrong with myself , and after that he doing a traditional treatment to me , subhanallah my face really pale , all of the people in my house looks worried by looking at me , and after that treatment i go to room and sleep and wake up really near to maghrib . And no more hot temperature for my body and i'm going stable , and alhamdulillah the bloated near my armpit already busted , and it slowly busted and now i'm okay just not too much . before i can't write on my blog , because it was about my right hand , so hard for me . So now so far so good , slow by slow i'm going recover from that pain . So i don't needto having a surgery . And if you want to know , before i had dreaming about something weird . about the girl throw her baby . about a ghost and more scary . And after the trational treatment i'm okay . Alhamdulillah =) thanked to ALLAH .

Thanks for reading . . . be continued . .

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