Friday, July 26, 2013

Once Upon a time .

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
A fews day ago I was absent going to school for a 5 days . and when I went to school on pass wednesday(two days before today) ,it was like wohaaaaa . surprised !!! my friends talk to me they was really miss me when I was not at school . also I felt great because my foster family going visited me when I was incharged in hospital last weekend .

Also the lecturers . them also keep asking me why I didn’t attend school for a long time .In my class I was like happy person and love give a caring laugh , when I laugh in my class probably all of my classmates will be laugh too , maybe for them I am funny person . and I think soo heehe.

I wanna test my friend actually , and I know they was really love me . wow ! that was amazing . Actually today also yesterday or for this week I’m still on my leave . I got (mc) for a week , because when I’m stayed at home, I felt so boring that make me going stress I make a decision going to school . because there was no one at home when mom went work and sis went to school . arghhh .

And i love ‘sejarah’ or history subject ! you know why eh ? the lecturer was really sporting person , because she know that I am not in great condition she keep always make me laugh . with her action that makes all of her students being more comfortable to study the history subject .  I noticed it after I went to school after a few day absent .

When I listening the song sound like “ ku mengharap kan ramadhan kali ini penuh makna , agar dapat .  . . . . . bla bla bla “ my feeling was really touching , this ramadhan I think really full of memories , why I said that ? because this ramadhan is my first year had fasting with my new friends,  I feel great , also this ramadhan also remind me to be more carefully when doing something .

I think ramadhan is really fast , why ? I think just yesterday I start fasting but the fact is already 17 ramadhan . I hopes this ramadhan will be the best among the best . 

Thanks friends , either my classmate or my blogger friends . I felt so lucky because this year I can feels the truth friend relationship also , my blogger friends was really awesome or in Korean ‘ daebak!’ I love my blogger friends ! 

Thank you for reading my random post .


AFINA said...

cool bro . =)

Carl Lesmana said...

Hahaha daebak gitu :) hihi