Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tomorrow is the day !

Assalamualaikum .

Tomorrow is the day ! yeah i'm a bit nervous to face the tomorrow , because tomorrow is the started day of  my trial exam also my first paper of Malaysian University English Test or MUET . Yeah this subject is the most killers from others to student , but for me it was like "kunyah kacang ponnn boleh buat" for this sem it was so easy , just write an essay and finish ! (The real muet exam is on NOVEMBER 2014) 

I am sure , tomorrow i will be as a DICTIONARY to my friends , bhahaha and for others subject i just put C+ as a target (susah nak mati weyh ) , because i don't ever dare to put high score to the subject that i learn for this trial INSHAALLAH for the semester 1 i target 4A , i just take four papers for this STPM , that was Malay , Geography , History and Pengajian AM which i never love it . hahaha . sekian . The most subject i love is Geography , but at my faculties/school it was divide for a two section which A is Alam sekitar manusia and the section B is Alam sekitar fizikal , and i just only understand the b section . Because now , the study concept is not same like me was on form5 , now study was lile " KULIAH / LECTURED " so if you guys late attend a kuliah , you guys will sit on the back and never could get any input of knowledge bak kata lecturer saya " bukak kelab bual lol" .

Just because tomorrow is muet exam , i try to post entry using english language although my grammar really berterabur . andai salah tu , you guys paham-paham sendiri lah ye maksudnya . I lama dah tak mengarang , dulu semangat jugak nak buat esei sebab mama i / mentor sendiri yang ngajarnya , so sekarang i still know the way to write an essey tapi korang tahu ? format dia macam buat hati guwa hancus ar , tak sama weyh dengan zaman sekolah dulu . menangis guwa lepas dengar lecturer guwa cakap macam tu .

the exam schedule . Naik muak tengok benda ni huh !

study sejarah sikit walaupun sejarah kelaut . 

Thanks for reading , mood hangin tak tentu pasal sebab takut nak exam weh !