Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Should i stop my writing ?

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I have been blogging since september 2011 so that's nearly 3 years of posts which is a lot .

Day by day , i feel like . Sampai bila nak kena menulis ? walaupun since the first time i steps my live in the blogging world , i thought to share about my lifestyle till i finished my study . Yeah spm is over last year .

So, now i think and keep thinking . should i stop my writing here ? althought my stpm is not over yet .

It was a long time blogging , till some people recognise me as carl lesmana . subhanallah . suatu pencapaian . i never thought people will know me as carl lesmana .

Day by day , i read my past story that i'd post in here , i was like " eh aku ke yang tulis semua ni ? " macam unbelievble .

I had think about stopping my writing . can i ?

But . hati rasa berat dan sayang pada blog , tapi ? nafsu mengatakan " perlu ke aku menulis lagi ? "

My blog , is simple . i know takde orang nak baca kan kan kan =(

Okay , based on the title , i wanna ask you guys randomly , should i stop my writing here .


Aina Ayunie said...

i dont think so. it has been 3 years you active in blogging. many your followers waiting for you entry. even takde orang yang comment it doesn't mean that they didn't read your entry. maybe they don't have blog. based on your followers i think your writing is okay. it is not easy to get so much follower la. i like your post because it is in english, besides it can improve my english better. hahaa. my english very bad. :p .hahaa, anyway it just my opinion. but it's up to you. :D ..

p/s: tah betul ke dok bahasa inggeris saya tu. hahaa. keep it up!

Carl Lesmana said...

thank you for the comment .
Practice make perfect . hehehe