Saturday, January 19, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt

 How are you doing all ? hope fine. haha this holiday i spend all of my time with "Food" u no y ? i am fall in love with gojies food like this !

I am missing all of this. i'll finished all of this , if all of this food in front of me now. i will eat all. This  dishes has made by my ummi on a pass birthday celebration, and now i am fall in love with the western food like macaroni. because sometimes in the morning i will meet the macaroni made by ummi, because my irtiyah khalisah deeply in love with macaroni. and if the traditional food, i'll ask my mom cooked that. for a sure the most my favourited food is " spaghetti" made by mama noormah. seriously i am dreaming the food made by my mama in front of me now. "lapar" .
love all of my bonda's.

p/s : to mama , could you cook spaghetti again for me ? 

p/s again : mood in lapar situation. almaklumlah i'd spend whole of my day with food. no wonder if you all see me "berisi" right now. like my ummi said, proses ternak lemak. 

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