Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Freedom for me .

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

In a few days , i was about sad . and always sob sob . i don't know why this feeling come to me , but today after having a quality time with mom , i shares everything what was in my mind to her , i feel so calm . And let begin a new chapter in 2014 . so tonight i do a peom writing . hahaha , be happy baby .

What is freedom? Nobody knows.
What do I think is freedom? 

Freedom is, 
when you can do what you like 
Without ever hurting somebody

Freedom is, 
when you are healthy, 
Not trammelled in your bed

Freedom is, 
when you are in free charge of your time
And not dominated by a watch

Freedom is, 
when you can say what you think
As long as it doesn’t hurt somebody else

Freedom is, 
when you can make a mistake
Without getting immediately punished for it

Freedom is, 
when you can go and get milk
Whenever you want some

Freedom is, 
The one thing we all want to have, 
The one thing that none of us really has, 
The one thing each of us defines different, 
The one thing we will never have………
Freedom is…………a dream .

yeah ! a dream . my dream to be a good son for my parent , be a good lit bro to my sibling . be a good student to all of my teachers . be a success boy ! yeah ..

 tempat yang menenangkan abad ini =)

Freedom worldwide kata adik aku .

Thanks for reading . 

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