Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lama gila tak update.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Have you notice how long i have leave my blog without any post?
I keep promise to blogging before, but i didn't right.
First of all i wanna say sorry to the readers, cause when you opening my blog the post still same and never change.

Oh today, i met someone(stranger) cause i did not know him, actually he's the part time cashier at the pasaraya near to my house la. On the time i wanna pay the thing, he ask me :

" oh you, do you still blogging? " and calling me as " CARL LESMANA"

for a sure i'm pretty suprised by that question lol.

I answering him " yeah i do, but for now i'm rare updating my blog cause i have no mood, no ideas to shares here" lol lying again . actually there're so many ideas and thought on my mind, but i never pour it here.

Actually, i am so busy handling my life as a student and a traning worker.
I got the job offers under spa and now still waiting the posting of the work, also i am the pra university student which is so busy with the assignment, and i feel the knowledge for this third sem is zero. Cause i ain't study to much but focusing on my assignment.

Okay for a sure i have a personal problem which i can't shares here. I hope you as my readers please pray for my strongness. i have to be strong to face the fact, to face the test from Allah, cause we never expect waht kind of test will come to us right?

Now, i was like in a dilemma, which is scared to be the carl lesmana.

i'll be okay one day, just not today, seriously i am so sorry to the readers who viewing my blog and the post ain't change.

Okay, there's the picture of me and little brother for today. hahaha OOTD katekaw.

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