Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The First Experience

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

First of all i just wanna say that i am pretty happy plus sad. First thing first i would like to thanked to Allah for make everything went well as his planned. Actually now, i'm officially a worker to a department of social welfare, not a 24 hour student anymore. so all the things around me is people but the different is usually i got to faced the people which same age as me, but now they're older than me

I have been given a work to take care all the people which aged 18 to 56 which they don't have family or named as "the homeless", they will be put under DESA BINA DIRI which located in Jerantut, based on my knowledge, in Malaysia just only have two Desa Bina Diri Organization which the place i work and the another one is at Mersing. At the first i'm crying cause i thought it will be hard for me to handle these kind of people, after knowing them face to face, slow by slow i'm trying getting closer to them.

Social welfare is the department which handle those uncontrol communities. Pretty hard to handle the kind of people like this.

Okay, now my turn. First day, i got to self-report at Putrajaya first before i got to know where i'll be posted. Then after the Dato' gave the placement letter i'm pretty shock at the first cause on my thought i'll be work at Terengganu either KL, but everythings over!!! The placement letter stated that i has been posted to Jerantut, Pahang. So bad, cause all around me is jungle. cewahhhh (but it was on my first thought la) then after a few days here i'm trying to get back myself confidence, and i could feel the sibling love, well i'm here alone and far away from my lovely family, so i'm trying to getting closer to my neighours which also my officemates.

Yesterday was my first day meet the residents of the Desa Bina Diri, so i was a bit scared cause they are a bit agressive well as you known, i work at the place which all of the residents totally 80% is unnormal. yes ! it scary me alot, but when i think back all of them is the future residents of heaven in akhirah soon. so got to take care of them very good.

so that all for today, i'll be back soon. cause in jerantut at my house there is no internet connection.

an example picture of kind people under my job.